The Discipleship Process

The Discipleship Process
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The Discipleship Process
Dawson Trotman’s Obedient Disciple Wheel

80 some years ago, Dawson Trotman created the “Wheel” as a discipleship icon, (icon: a sign whose form directly reflects the thing it signifies). This small icon demonstrates the habits of a Jesus disciple. This illustration is not perfect nor exhaustive but is a good test barometer for you to check yourself. These habits will help train you in the ways of Christ.

Let us review each the rim of the wheel:
Our message from God is the Bible. The product in our life is for us to be committed to a life of obedience, i.e. to live life as Christ would have us live it. It is clear in Jesus, and the subsequent scriptures taught, that the call on the believer is to have a life of obedience.

The world is telling you that “disobedience” is ok, i.e., sexual mores, lying, stealing, dishonoring parents, permissive child rearing, etc. Some of the Christian world will say that kind of misbehavior is covered in Christ’s blood. They say God is a God of love and so is Christ. So, the Godhead will just overlook your disobedience out of love at the judgment… But the scriptures note to you that this thinking is wrong: John 14:21, 1 Cor 3:11-15

There are four spokes in this wheel
Do you know how to woo a nonbeliever into a relationship with Jesus, where they would listen and hear the Holy Spirit? A person coming to Christ is not usually a lightning strike of a single event but an accumulation of many thoughts that eventually awakens the desire for Christ.

Question: Do you take every opportunity to share your love and appreciation for God with others?

I find that many people today are oblivious of God. I find this hard to believe as they discover more and more about the Heavens/Universe. If you want to believe the universe is a cosmic accident, I am stunned.

You must establish an awareness of God in people and then help them understand they are alienated from God, and that Christ is the solution. I am called to share my relationship of the living God with people. A person’s salvation is the work of the Holy Spirit.


Fellowship is more than attending Church on Sunday or a coffee klatch. I think there is at least these 5 things to fellowship:
–  Visiting and talking about Jesus with other brother or sisters periodically.
– Helping them if they have a setback.
– Crying with them.
– Encouraging them in their walk with Christ.
– Holding them accountable in the areas they will let you.
And allowing them to hold you accountable.

Comment by John Hartshorn: There are more ways than one to develop the setting for meeting the commands of Heb. 10:24 -25. I think the one understanding that needs to be at play is that “fellowship” is a primary context for God’s purpose in giving the different spiritual gifts. That is; it is for to edifying through your spiritual gifts, and being edified, by the spiritual gifts of others.


Prayer I have found that prayer is a hard thing to teach someone. There are several good books and aids for having a good prayer life. The one I always recommend is a Day in Prayer booklet, ( Remember God wants to talk with you always. Take advantage of this opportunity and begin a life of prayer.

The Word

I see a lot of Bible studies going on and this is good.
Try to become a participator in the learning process.
Learn to have the mind of Christ and think.
Study, think and discuss what the Word is saying to you.
Risk being wrong.
Surround yourself with good, solid believers.
Prep yourself to meet Jesus.

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