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I have been thinking a lot recently on where we are going as a people and what lies ahead. With a family of 15, I concern myself with things like this. I am not pessimist by nature but I am clearly concerned for what lies ahead. Some of my key concerns are because of:

  1. Socially and academically, as a people we embrace a low opinion of the Bible.
  2. Both inside & outside the institutional church, biblical standards are frequently violated and these violations are accepted.
  3. Our loss of recognition that Israel is at the epicenter of history past and future and our waning support of Israel.

After much reflection, I decided the greatest gift I can give my family for their future is a commitment and knowledge of the Bible. Not money but the bible. This should be my legacy.

The application of the word in their culture is their only hope. It is the only inheritance that will not betray them in the coming time. It is the only truth document on our relationship to God and others that has lasted 2000 years.

Historically when people gather in community for any reason and for a period of time, corruption and debauchery set in. As a people we have gathered and can’t stay away from corruption and a culture that is debauched. Just review Babel. This influence has always taken us down wrong paths and away from the Word’s teaching.

My observation historically is that once a social line of standards are drawn we immediately begin to drift downward morally and religiously. All people, professing, Christians included, tend to conform to the cultural standards they inhabit, i.e. Romans 12:2. Just think after WWII-1945, we were a churched nation and Christianity prevailed. From that time forward we have drifted downward towards the sewer. We must always reset and recalibrate our position in life with the Word.

Over time all cultures have had correction events or something that has happen forced them to restart. These events came in the form of wars, depressions, famines, disease, etc. These seem to reset the systems and helped to momentarily correct problems in society brought on by sin. We are better in building and rebuilding than living in cruise control.

I concluded I am wise to promote to others and the kids a high/authoritative view of the Scripture. Within my small sphere of influence I must be a clarion voice for the authority and value and “how to study/apply” the Bible.

My conclusion on the bible: “With the Word, you can plot the journey of your life with God and trust Him for the result”.

My parents and their contemporaries would be very repulsed with our thinking on abortion and baby parts, et al.

Moral convictions today become traditions tomorrow which are relics to be studied and abused in the future. Only the Word survives.





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  1. Gayle,
    Thanks for the encouragement to continue to invest in, be impacted by and share the WORD. I’m reminded of the words you and Walt penned in the Conclusion of “Studying, Interpreting and Applying the Bible” back in the early ’90’s.
    “Biblical application is a lifelong process. If any of us were able to completely assimilate and put the Scripture into practice, we would ‘arrive.’ Then application would cease to be a process and become a product. ‘Doing’ is the outcome of ‘being.’ To the degree that we assimilate the ingredients that make up the process of Biblical application, we will ‘do’ what is right. Meanwhile, we continue to wrestle with the issues GOD raises in our lives. That, after all, is the process.”

  2. Thanks for the comment. I am pleased u r in the word and staying there. Gayle