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Matthew 11:28… Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

I find that in spite of my best efforts and intentions to focus on our Lord in my life, life (in this world) still often times becomes burdensome. I often get caught up in the issues of “being in this world” and lose my focus and where my focus ought to be. For me, this most often involves either business or family issues that often make life feel “very heavy.”

During my morning quiet times, when I sometimes find myself feeling sorry for myself, our Lord reminds me and convicts me of others in my life who have “real burdens!” Two fellow believers who are battling cancer and another brother whose wife, in her mid-50s, has just been diagnosed with early on-set Alzheimer’s just as she retired from teaching a year ago!

As a result of much meditation and discernment, I have felt a strong call to edification in my ministry. Even committed Christians often get tired, discouraged and overwhelmed from carrying the weight of worldly responsibilities. They need to be reminded of where their true hope is in Jesus and his promises. They need to be told that you care about them and are praying for them!

No one will doubt that Paul was a great evangelizer! But he also constantly edified the Christian communities he established. How many times do we read in Paul’s letters that he is thinking of them, thanking them, showing appreciation and encouraging them to trust God to help them work through the difficulties they were facing in the early church.

We know that a walk with Christ is a journey that will involve bearing our crosses, which will become heavy at times. We cannot lose sight of the fact that our brothers and sisters in Christ need us to be available to be an encouragement in their walk.

We must not only look for opportunities to bring others to Christ; we must also look for opportunities to encourage and nurture people already with Christ. I started with Matthew 11:28 which contains a beautiful command and a beautiful promise. What a wonderful uplifting scripture to use to help edify others.

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