Check-mated by God

Check-mated by God
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“He said, ‘Depart; for the girl is not dead but sleeping.’ And they laughed him to scorn.” Matthew 9:24

Jairus, one of the Jewish leaders, asked Jesus to heal his dying daughter. Upon arriving at Jairus’ home, the daughter had already died. Jesus asked the mourners to leave so He could awaken her from her sleep. Upon hearing this, “they laughed him to scorn.”

Jesus incited them to admit she was dead, else when He raised her from the dead they were apt to say she was only asleep. This way Jesus got them to admit that what He was about to do was miraculous; when she arose from the dead they had to admit they had witnessed a miracle.

You must use the same strategy in your relationships with others. Until a person realizes he is sick, he resists going to the doctor. Unless a person admits he has a need, he sees no compelling reason to surrender his life to Christ. Unless you admit that God will judge you, and that that judgment will influence the quality of your eternity, you will not be motivated to yield to His authority.

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